Block Diagram of Computer & Input/Output Unit, Storage

I tell you about the Block Diagram of computer. Our computer is mainly calculating device that calculates our data. Because computer word starts with compute which means calculate. Our computer system is made up of three-part which are CPU, Input Device, and output devices. The full meaning of CPU is the Central processing unit and also CPU is divide into two units. The first Unit is ALU and it stands for Arithmetic Logic Unit. And the second Unit is CU and it stands for Central Unit. This Unit performs different work in the CPU. Block Diagram of Computer gives a lot of information about our computer.

Block Diagram of Computer

A very huge amount of data is stored in memory with the help of Storage Devices. The computer system give all the data and instruction to the Central Processing Unit (CPU). Now I tell you about all the part which is CPU, many components of the computer, storage and also about input and output device.

Central Processing Unit of the Computer

CPU is also known as Brain and Heart of computer. The Computer and CPU are nothing without each other. CPU is electronic equipment that performs any type of operation and such as arithmetic and logical operation. CPU is consists of two units which are arithmetic logic unit (ALU) and control unit (CU). I explain to you in detail about the arithmetic unit or logical unit, and also the control unit.

Arithmetic or Logical Unit of the CPU

Arithmetic and logical unit perform all types of operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The Arithmetic and logical unit perform to manipulate stored information and data of the computer in the binary numbers. The output ALU change the nonsynchronous into the input.

Control Unit of the CPU

It controls all the activity or operation and also receives information directly from the memory of the computer. When the computer sends the instruction to the central unit and it receives instructions. It converts the instruction and information into Control signals and after that, these signals sent to Central Processor. After that, the Central Processor starts processing on these control signals. It also controls input and also output devices connected.

Main components of the computer

The equipment of the computer system is related to electronic and mechanical parts of the computer. The software part is related to information and data on computer programs. Many components and equipment are connected to the main circuit board of the computer are called the Mother Board Circuit. We processed data in pc through software. The main hardware components in a computer system are Input, Processing, Storage, Main Memory, Secondary Memory, and also Output devices.

Processor of Computer

The processor is a small chip that aim is to receive input and provides suitable output. The processor handles all the input and output devices like mouse, keyboard, scanner, joystick, and also webcam, etc. And it also handles the running software on the desktop. In the latest CPU, a high processor is inbuilt which handles the trillion of data per second. In the present time, many small microprocessors are made for working high speed of the computer.

Main Memory of the computer

The Random Access Memory (RAM) is also known as the main memory of your pc. It is the fastest memory of the computer. It allows the data and information to be read and write. RAM is physically small in size and it stored computer data.

Secondary memory of Computer

Secondary memory is also cheap as compared to Primary memory. The hard disk has more capacity compared to the main memory. The hard disk contains inside the case of CPU. Storage and speed is the difference between secondary and primary memory. The processor is not directly connect with the memory. Secondary memory is mainly hard disk and also optical disk.

Input Devices of Computer

The input unit accepts all input devices like keyboards, mouse, scanners, digital cameras, joysticks, and also microphones. These devices are used to input the data and It also converted information data into binary codes. It sends the main information data to the main memory of the PC. The input devices are the source of communication between the world and the computer system.

Output Devices of Computer

The output unit accepts all input devices like Monitor, Printer, Headphones, Computer Speakers, Projector, GPS, Sound Card, and also Video Card. It also converts binary codes into the human-readable form. It also accepts data and information in binary code form and shows the results to the user. output accepts the data and information from the main memory of the PC. The output generates result according to the input.

I hope you understand the block diagram of Computer. If you have any quires and questions related to the Post you can comment to me.

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