Parts of computer images & Basic Parts and many details

In this article, I tell you about all Parts of computer images and also I tell computer parts details. I tell the basic function of a computer system and also a basic knowledge of computer application.

The Basic function of Computer

Parts of computer images

I tell a few lines about Computer and also give general computer knowledge. A computer is a machine that interprets logical Operation and Math arithmetic is done by COmputer Programming. Computers are using mainly in offices and Nowadays Computer is a friend for all. So I can say that Computer My friend. The Computer is used for Stores and also Processing data or Information. It also interprets binary codes and changes them into various forms.

You can use a computer for Calculating the variables from a calculator that is available in the Computer. You can also play the video in 4K, HD and you can hear the Songs in your Computer. If you like playing games so you can also play games on your Computer. Your Computer is totally dependent on your Specification. If you are interested in high-level games like GTA 5 (Grand theft Auto 5), Fifa, Baseball, WWE 2K20, Far Cry 5, Crysis 3, and also Hitman 2, etc. You need a high Specification of Computers for playing high-level games.

If your Computer Specification is low-level. So you can play these types of games like GTA 3 (Grand theft Auto 3), GTA Vice City (Grand theft Auto Vice City), Far Cry 2, Minecraft and also Civilization V, etc. You can browse anything on Google, Yahoo, Bing. If you need any type of information so you can browse and collect the data. The office work done by computer in many offices. Many people say that which language computer understand so my answers is Computer understands many languages like Hindi, English, French and also Spanish, etc.

Computer Course

The basic computer course fees are very less and high cost. The basic computer course contents are about parts details, Cpu and also Processor details, etc. Many types of Computer courses are available like computer operation course, short computer courses and also computer courses for arts students, general knowledge computer course, function of computer system course, work and computer education course, etc.

Computer part images and details

I tell the details of Computer Parts and also Computer parts images for kids education. I tell the computer all parts images and the details like Keyboard Mouse, Speaker, Pendrive, and also Monitor, etc. And I also tell pictures of hardware and software and detail information. The paragraph on computer and its uses and also about computer education I tell details on the upper side.

Computer hardware images (computer parts pictures)

KeyboardThe keyboard is an input device and also use for enter the text. The Keyboard is used for many works and also The keyboard is used for typing the words and characters the Paragraph. You can also use the keyboard for typing the Emails, Letters, and also many things. The keyboard comes with two types. The first type of keyboard is wire-keyboard which is connected to computers and laptops with Cable. Second type of Keyboard is wireless-Keyboard which is Connected to Computers and also Laptops with USB-Pendrive. In the games, the keyboard is used for gaming.


MouseThe mouse is an input device that is used In the games for moving the Direction. You can use the mouse for moving the cursor on the screen. You can also use cursor for browsing the websites for opening the websites and Searching the things. The mouse comes with two types. The first type of mouse is wire-mouse which is connected to computers and laptops with Cable. The second type of mouse is wireless-mouse which is Connected to Computers and also Laptops with USB-Pendrive.


SpeakerThe Speaker is an output device. Speaker is designed for playing the Songs and also it uses in Party and in the functions. The Speaker comes with two types.

The first type of Speaker is wire-Speaker which is connected to computers and laptops with Cable. The second type of Speaker is wireless-Speaker like Bluetooth Speakers.


monitorThe monitor is used for Tv and also it uses for computer Display. Many types of Monitors are available in this period like Lcd, CRT, LCD, and also plasma technologies.

Many other variants of Monitor come with a touch screen you can open any setting and also any file etc. The monitor is the main part of the Computer because monitor is Connected with Cpu (Central Processing unit).

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPUThe CPU is the main part of the Computer because the CPU is Connected with the monitor. CPU sends the signals, Data, and information to the other Parts. CPU is the brain which is the control body means all Part of Computer. The CPU is an electronic machine which works on a list of Computer. In the CPU many types of Part available like motherboard, Chipset, RAM, ROM, also Cooler Fan of CPU, etc.


HeadphoneThe Headphone is an output device. The Headphone comes with two types. The first type of Headphone is wire-Headphone which is connected to computers and laptops with Cable. The second type of Headphone is wireless-Headphone like Bluetooth Speakers. Many types of headphones are available in Gaming and also Normal. The normal Headphone comes with wire-Cable and also Bluetooth. Which is very low Price if you use high-quality Normal Headphones like branded headphones are Sony, JBL, Bose, Bot, etc. You can also use headphones for hearing the songs if you like to hear a very clear quality song so many normal high-quality headphones are available in the market.

If you are so you use gaming headphones because gamer needs very quality sounds for hearing. Many types of branded and Normal gaming Headphones are Available like Astro Gaming A50 Wireless, JBL Quantum 800, Sennheiser GSP 670, Razer Kraken Ultimate, and also Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset, etc.

Final Words

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