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Learning Computer Programming with NYT Crosswords!

Hi everyone! Today, I want to tell you something remarkable: I tried computer programming. You might be wondering, “What’s that?” Well, it’s like giving instructions to a computer to make it do what you want—like solving a puzzle. Let me tell you about my programming adventure, including how the New York Times (NYT) crossword puzzles played a significant role.

Getting Started with Computer Programming

When I first heard about computer programming, I felt a bit nervous. It seemed like something only super-smart people could do. But then, I discovered that anyone can learn programming, even kids! There are so many fun ways to start. One of the coolest ways I found was through something I already loved – puzzles, especially the NYT Crossword.

Did Some Computer Programming with NYT Crossword

You might know the New York Times for its famous crossword puzzles. They have these entertaining mini crosswords called the NYT Mini Crossword. These are smaller and more accessible versions of regular crossword puzzles. I love solving them because they are quick and fun. But did you know that behind every digital puzzle is some computer programming? The programmers at the NYT make sure that each puzzle works perfectly online. I wondered, “How do they do that?” and “Can I learn to do something similar?”

My First Steps in Programming

I decided to give computer programming a try. I started with a simple and fun programming language called Scratch. Scratch is perfect for kids because you don’t have to write complicated code. Instead, you drag and drop blocks that tell the computer what to do.

My first project in Scratch was to make a cat move across the screen. It was so exciting! I had to give the cat instructions like “move 10 steps forward” and “turn right.” Seeing the cat follow my commands was amazing. It felt like magic, but I knew it was programming.

Computer Programming

Learning from the NYT Crossword

As I got more into programming, I started to understand how the NYT Crossword puzzles work online. The programmers at NYT use a lot of coding to ensure the puzzles are interactive and fun. For example, when you type in an answer, the program checks if it’s correct. If it is, the box turns green. If it’s not, it might stay red until you get it right.

These kinds of features are all thanks to computer programming. The NYT also uses programming to ensure that every puzzle is different and challenging. They have to create algorithms, which are like step-by-step recipes, to generate new puzzles every day. This way, people who love crosswords always have something new to look forward to.

Why Programming is Fun

One of the best things about programming is that it’s like solving a mystery. You have to think carefully about what you want the computer to do and then determine the right instructions to make it happen. It’s a lot like the logic puzzles I enjoy. Each time I solved a problem or got my program to work, I felt great accomplishment.

For example, I wanted to create a simple game after making the cat move in Scratch. I made a game where the cat had to catch a mouse. I had to program the mouse to move around randomly and the cat to follow the mouse when I pressed the arrow keys. It was challenging but super fun. When the game finally worked, I felt so proud of myself.

How NYT Uses Programming

The New York Times doesn’t just use programming for crosswords. They use it for many other parts of their website and apps. For instance, they use programming to manage their articles, photos, and videos. They also use it to recommend stories you might like based on what you’ve read. This is done using algorithms, which are sets of rules the computer follows to solve problems.

The NYT uses programming to ensure that its puzzles are fun and fair. They must also provide no mistakes and that the puzzles are challenging but solvable. This requires a lot of testing and tweaking, all done through programming.

Why You Should Try Programming

If you like solving puzzles or playing games, try computer programming. There are many easy and fun ways to start. You can use tools like Scratch or play games that teach you the basics of programming. The New York Times puzzles are a great place to see programming in action and get inspired.

Here are some reasons why programming is so much fun and why you should give it a try:

  1. Creativity: Programming lets you create your games, stories, and animations. You can bring your ideas to life.
  2. Problem-Solving: Programming helps you develop strong problem-solving skills. You learn to think logically and break down big problems into smaller, manageable ones.
  3. Future Skills: Learning to program can open up many opportunities. Many jobs today require some knowledge of programming.
  4. Fun: It’s simply fun! When you see your program work, it feels like magic.

How to Get Started

If you’re interested in trying out programming, here are a few steps to get you started:

  1. Start with Scratch: Scratch is a great way to begin because it’s kid-friendly. You can create your projects and see what others have made for inspiration.
  2. Play Coding Games: There are many games designed to teach programming. One popular game is CodeCombat, where you write code to control a character.
  3. Explore Online Resources: Websites like offer free tutorials and projects perfect for beginners.
  4. Solve Puzzles: Try solving some NYT Mini Crossword puzzles online. Consider how the website might use programming to make the game work as you play.
  5. Join a Club: If your school has a coding club, join it! It’s a great way to learn with friends and get help when needed.


So, next time you play a game or solve a puzzle, think about how it might be made with computer programming. And who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to try it yourself! Remember, programming is like learning a new language but for computers. The best part is that you can create your games, stories, and puzzles.

I hope you enjoyed learning about how I did some computer programming. Maybe you’ll give it a try and create something amazing, too! Happy programming!

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What are the Four Types of Programming?

Procedural Programming: Focuses on procedures or routines (e.g., C, Pascal).
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP): Based on objects and classes (e.g., Java, C++).
Functional Programming: Treats computation as mathematical functions (e.g., Haskell, Lisp).
Scripting Programming: Used for writing scripts to automate tasks (e.g., JavaScript, PHP).

Is Computer Coding a Lot of Math?

No, basic arithmetic and logical thinking are usually sufficient. Advanced math is mainly needed in specialized fields like game development and data science.

Does Bill Gates Do Programming?

Not anymore. Bill Gates was heavily involved in programming during Microsoft’s early years but now focuses on philanthropy.

Can AI Write Code?

Yes, AI can write code. Tools like OpenAI’s Codex can generate and suggest code, though human oversight is often needed.

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